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Nwazet Case Tyler Issues

I did post a product review to modmypi.com for the Nwazet Tyler case, but for some unknown reason it’s not been posted. I definitely think people should be aware of a few issues with the case.

1. No Manual

There is only the online manual and its a bit vague about which screws to use in which part. You do have to be careful as the threads are different on some of the screws. Plus some of the critical shots on the website of the screws are blurred making it difficult to identify the correct screws.

2. Foot Piece Broke

The feet is made up of two pieces that fit into each other making a cross, but the machining was a touch tight and when pushing the pieces together, one side broke into two pieces. Luckily I was able to use a plastic bonding solution to repair the piece and then file away some of the plastic, so as to make it fit together without breaking again.

3. Product Shots are not accurate

The Tyler case is supplied with a clear red insert to sit behind the face and red LED’s. It is mentioned in the product description on modmypi, but the pictures are misleading. The finished article will look quite different to the product shots. Nwazet allows you to set the colour when buying, but modmypi doesn’t offer the colour combinations.

Since I will be using multi-colour LED’s, I will have to source another piece of perspex that is opaque white. It does seem a little weird that such a happy case is supplied with red face bits and not a more neutral/happy colour scheme.



It’s not really a case a child could put together because of the lack of a manual. Other than the issues mentioned here, it’s a nice case and only having the base constructed makes for a nice bed to work around whilst I sort out my wiring and code. Scored: 3 out of 5.

I will update the article when I’ve finished my case and post some pictures.